Monday, October 20, 2014

Entrance Speech

Um, hi. I’m a graduated student photojournalist in life, but I like video games.
I’ve always been fascinated about previous eras of gaming and how they influenced and shaped the industry today. I consider myself a contributor to the preservation of video game material, which includes archiving historic digital artifacts and observing obscure content of certain video games and just content that few have seen before. This is stuff that only less than one person of the world population would care about -- and some of that same percentage might consist of admirers of the niche. That’s still a lot of people though, so I don't mind.

So, for this blog, I’ll be posting stuff from a lot of different, specific sectors of video games. I have a few other projects planned for the future, but for now this is my target list of topics I plan on posting about in the near future:

  • My own short commentary on certain topics in video games, whether they’re about nothing or something. 
  • Whatever new videos I upload onto my YouTube Channel (which has about more than one thousand subscribers, about 400 videos, and with over three million views of all videos total). As soon as YouTube enables 60FPS videos on their site, I will be uploading all videos at that same frame-rate too.
  • Videos I create that document prototype builds, differences, or other general oddities and curiosities of video games. I also do “let's plays” in my own series called PEMNAS (or Please Excuse My Noob Ass Skills). In the past, I did various video playthroughs called PEMNAS where I play games badly or otherwise, and offer annotated commentary in some of them. I plan to continue that with Resident Evil 2 N64 and Sonic 3 & Knuckles sometime in the near future.
  • I'll also be uploading rips of old VHS videos onto YouTube, preferably at 60FPS, once YouTube enables it.
  • The video game projects that I’ve been working for years, and their progress. One project in particular is an ambitious series of documentaries I’m producing called Shat-Canned Legends, which covers cancelled, unreleased, vaporware video games. Having so much work done on it and so much left to do, I’d like to release it someday. Actually I just released a recent WIP version of a MOTHER 3 episode that is 40+ minutes long, if you wish to view.
  • I used to have some mad music mash-up skills before I got tired of it three years ago. Maybe I'll resume to doing that in the near future too. I've got some ideas too.
  • Scans of interesting articles from old game magazines, western or Japanese. I buy these out of my own pocket to have information available in the Internet with the hope that it’s contents are preserved for future generations (translations from the Japanese sources are never guaranteed). I have scanned an old 200-page Japanese magazine called Famimaga Magazine Vol. 3. Feb 9, 1996. So far I have scanned up to page 70+, and I have released the first 66 pages on the internet for everyone to enjoy. I’ll be posting updates on that on this blog as well.
  • Posting comments of current game news and events, or trivial stuff.
  • Other fun stuff I find on the Internet.
  • And here's a bunch of other enigmatic stuff I have in the works.
Have at it.

Of course, my chosen profession will prevent me from posting daily everyday but (nope still unemployed) I hope to be dedicated to my followers. Please look forward to more crazy stuff I have in store for the future.

If you want to follow me on Twitter, I’m right here. I've also got Tumblr and Google+. As I mentioned before, I've also about 400 videos up about video games and other stuff on my YouTube channel, why don't you check it out and subscribe to me too? I'm open to connecting with readers, followers, and subscribers of mine.

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